Parental consent form

I consent to the young person named below, who is in my care and for whom I have legal responsibility, to participate in the legal work experience programme being delivered by Sequentus Limited.

I understand that the young person is expected to:

  • keep any material received from Sequentus confidential, particularly when it relates to a client. They must not share it with anyone outside their group, including friends, family and any social media or other channels.
  • attend all scheduled meetings
  • behave in a professional way throughout the programme and to treat others with respect.

As the young person’s parent/guardian/carer, I understand that I am responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements outlined above, and I understand that Sequentus Limited reserves the right to withdraw their place if they are not able to meet those requirements. I also understand that I am legally responsible for any issues arising from the young persons failure to comply with the above requirements.

If I have any concerns regarding the conduct of the young person named below, I will make contact with a member of the programme team at the earliest opportunity.


I understand that all fees are non-refundable, including any unused portions of the programme.