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We create pro bono, skills, employability and networking
opportunities for law students and recent graduates. Why not join us?

Pro bono criminal appeals
Helping individuals to appeal a conviction for
a serious criminal offence
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Pro bono fitness to practise
Helping nurses and midwives who are subject to
professional misconduct proceedings by their regulator
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Our monthly events
Student-led events designed to increase
your employability and develop practical skills
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our vision

We want to work with students, universities and corporate partners to inspire ‘future lawyers’ not only to participate in our programmes and assist our clients, but to join us in creating and sharing even more pro bono and learning experiences as an integral part of their own journey. Working alongside the clinic team, as well as junior and senior practitioners our goal is to help students carve out their own unique pathway into the law, based on merit and demonstrating a positive and lasting contribution to pro bono and access to justice.

Our team

Everyone in the Sequentus team understands the challenges of making that leap from law student to practitioner. We’re all working on alternative routes into practice, whether it’s changing careers or straight from a degree. Whether we’re aspiring barristers or solicitors, our common goal is to share the opportunities we are creating as a team along the way. That’s what we’re doing next.

// Solicitor, Director of Legal Education //

Khaled has an extensive background in marketing and organisational management and also happens to be in the final stages of training to become both a barrister and solicitor. Since 2017 Khaled has worked on pro bono criminal appeals cases and developing legal education programmes, bringing with it a passion for inspiring others to create opportunities to fulfill their own potential while improving access to justice.

// Non-executive Director //

Melissa has been a City Law School student since 2019, having first completed her LLB there before now moving on to the bar training course. Melissa already has an abundance of practical legal experience and is particularly skilled at managing projects and galvanising students into action.

Melissa helps oversee the development of the clinic as a not-for-profit organisation.

// Non-executive Director //

Niina is a Crown Court Advocate having successfully completed the bar course. Niina is passionate about access to justice and ensuring that Litigants in Person can be supported during proceedings.

Niina helps oversee the development of the clinic as a not-for-profit organisation.

// Associate Director – Legal Education //

Fenella is a career changer; completing both her GDL and LPC whilst being employed at an investment bank. She is currently a trainee solicitor and brings a wealth of experience from the charity and volunteering sectors, helping shape the direction of our programmes and our not-for-profit mission.

// Associate Director //

Brendan is responsible for our university outreach and business development. He also oversees our community clinic in Moss Side, Manchester, working with local councillors and community leaders to provide support, advice and signposting for those who are unable to find assistance elsewhere. Brendan is currently training to be a solicitor.

// Programme Manager
Legal Education //

Ben is a career-changer, currently pursuing the SQE route to qualification as a solicitor. He is also key to developing our digital infrastructure and implementing the systems we need to be able create even more opportunities for students.

// Casework Manager //

Fresh from completing her LLB, Rachel has already completed a year of QWE working on criminal appeals cases, with a view to taking both SQE 1 and SQE 2 assessments by the end of 2023. Rachel has excellent organisational skills, helping us to ensure that clients’ needs remain an absolute priority.

// Programme Manager – programmes for young people //

Emily manages our education and work experience programme for 16 to 19 year olds, building relationships with parents and schools as well as working directly with students. Emily is following the SQE route to practice as a solicitor.

// Programme Director – FTP //

As a practising nurse who is re-training to become a solicitor, Sam understands both facets of regulatory proceedings brought by NMC. Sam works tirelessly on behalf of clients, focussing on empowering registrants so that they can make informed choices about how they present their case. Sam’s analytical abilities and research skills are second-to-none.

// Programme Manager – Community Outreach (London) //

Mel manages our outreach programme in South London, working with the Met Police and community leaders to deliver support, advice and drop-in clinics dealing with a range of different legal and social issues. Mel is also training to be a solicitor.
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