Sequentus - fitness to practise lawyers
Sequentus - fitness to practise lawyers

Qualifying Work Experience
+ SQE training

Get Qualifying Work Experience that fits around your other commitments and qualify as a solicitor through our innovative QWE and SQE opportunities:

  • Take our QWE practical skills course
  • Work remotely on live professional discipline and criminal appeals cases helping to prepare for hearings and building up your QWE portfolio
  • Get FREE access to our in-house SQE training programme
  • Join our optional intensive SQE courses in France or Bali

Kickstart your QWE

Next available start date:

  • 8 July 2024
  • 8 January 2025
  • 8 April 2025

*Limited places are available for each intake*

Cost: £995

Over the course of eight weeks, quickly gain the professional skills needed to tackle complex real-world cases, either to increase your employability and secure additional work experience in a law firm… or gain QWE within Sequentus. 

LIVE ONLINE workshops - 12 hours

  • 2 x 4 hour skills workshops
  • 6 x 1 hour supervision meetings and workshops

Online learning and self study

Comprehensive online learning materials, plus casework-related research, drafting tasks, advocacy exercises and multiple choice questions (MCQs) to support your learning.

Live Casework

Undertake assessed work on two pro bono client cases to reinforce your learning and pass the course.

Students who successfully complete our QWE primer course  join our pro bono casework team, with access to a varied range of work experience preparing cases for hearings. The ultimate goal is to be able to manage your own caseload, advise clients and undertake advocacy work.

You choose

You decide how much (or how little) work you can take on each month, based on your other commitments. 

Record your experience

Our innovative QWE recording system keeps track of your QWE hours, mapped against the SRA competency framework.

Get signed off

At the end of your time with Sequentus your Qualifying Work Experience will be signed off by your supervising solicitor through the MySRA hub.

start working on live cases

Use pro bono experience to build up QWE, expand your CV and qualify as a solicitor.

Cost: free

get SQE knowledge

While you are working pro bono for Sequentus you have free access to our bespoke SQE learning materials (developed by lawyers who have successfully passed the SQE assessments) and monthly workshops covering the entire SQE syllabus.

Cost: free when you undertake pro bono

Our in-house training covers:

SQE 1 - FLK1 & FLK2

  • Legal system of England and Wales
  • Constitutional and administrative law including EU law
  • Contract
  • Tort
  • Land law
  • Ethics and professional conduct
  • Legal services
  • Solicitors accounts
  • Criminal law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Business law
  • Wills and estates
  • Trusts
  • Property transactions


  • Oral advocacy skills
  • Written skills and drafting
  • Case and matter analysis
  • Legal research
  • Commercial skills for lawyers

Optional INTENSIVE International COURSES

France - 7 days

8 hours per day of tuition and skills workshops, accommodation at the Sequentus Hub, transfers, meals, drinks and excursions.

28 July –
4 August 2025

Bali - 10 days

8 hours per day of tuition and skills workshops, accommodation at Outpost Ubud, transfers, meals, drinks and excursions.

27 December 2024 –
5 January 2025

*flights are not included. Overseas courses can only be booked once you have completed the QWE primer course and joined the Sequentus casework team.

About us

As a not-for-profit our goal is simple – to provide flexible legal work experience to people from non-traditional backgrounds so that they can fulfil their potential.

Over the past six years our team has trained thousands of aspiring lawyers in casework methodology, giving them the knowledge and skills to complete meaningful work on client cases. This expertise is distilled into our QWE and SQE programmes.

We’re proud that our innovative model ensures that clients who would otherwise be denied access to justice can rely on a highly-focussed team of qualified and trainee lawyers, while students get access to the most dynamic and exciting real-life qualifying work experience imaginable. 

Joining Sequentus means being part of a community, learning not only legal skills, but the commercial acumen to truly succeed as a practitioner. That’s not just a bold claim…as a team we are living proof of what is possible.

Next steps

Not sure? Start a conversation and we’ll gladly answer any questions!

Ben Bardell – Programme Manager

Alternatively you can pay a £290 deposit to confirm your place, followed by flexible instalments.


Yes. Our programme is designed to allow you to build up QWE, so the SQE preparation module is completely optional. You just need to make sure that you can allocate enough time to completing casework each month, alongside other commitments, such as studying.

Yes – as long as you sign up for the programme a minimum of three months before the start date, so that you can complete the final instalment no later than one month before the programme start date.

Our QWE skills programme is designed to give you the vital skills that you need in order to be able to undertake meaningful QWE which meets the SRA’s requirements. Having completed the SQE, including QWE ourselves, we strongly believe that excellent work experience is the key to developing confidence, knowledge and skills as part of the route to qualification. We also need talented people to work on our client cases, so we decided to focus primarily on getting people trained to do QWE – the SQE preparation is an added extra.

The fee is for our 8-week QWE skills training course. Once completed you get access to pro bono opportunities and while you are completing QWE you can also follow our SQE programme for free. Any costs for the SQE assessments need to be paid by you directly to the SRA and Kaplan, the organisation who administer the SQE. We are a self-funding not-for-profit, so our income is invested in legal education and assisting clients. 

We do not offer refunds for parts of the programme that have not been used. Our pricing model is designed to be as democratic as possible and you are not paying for an SQE prep course. At the end of the 8-week programme you should have lots of transferable skills that will help you progress in your continuing legal education.

Yes, of course. The price remains the same.

If you do not pass the programme on the first attempt we will explain to you where you can improve and provide further support to get you to the required standard. We do not simply ‘fail’ students.

There are no academic entry requirements, however you must be able to organise your time and work with a degree of autonomy, in exactly the same way that you would be expected to in a workplace environment. 

No. Apart from regular meetings which are scheduled at convenient times, you can undertake the work as and when it suits your timetable. The programme is specifically designed for those who either cannot give up their day job, or who have caring responsibilities or other commitments which make it impossible to complete QWE in a traditional 9-5 work environment.

You can take on as much or as little QWE as you like in any given month. You can also increase or decrease your participation depending on other commitments. You will be expected to record all QWE hours and we then calculate your full-time-equivalent QWE at the end of your participation with Sequentus and those are the hours that will be signed off for the purposes of the SRA.

Over the past six years our team has helped thousands of students learn how to deal with client cases. We have used this experience to develop a very specific programme which is completely different to anything else you might have come across when looking at the SQE route. The SQE learning materials have been developed by lawyers who have actually completed the SQE, understand the challenges of learning a vast amount of knowledge when juggling other priorities, not to mention developing skills. Sequentus is an opportunity driven organisation with the aim of helping you fulfil your own potential…so as long as you are dedicated to passing the SQE, we are here to provide the framework for you to succeed. 

Once students have undertaken at least 6 months of pro bono work with Sequentus there may be paid opportunities, but this will be on a case-by-case basis and there will be specific criteria for students to qualify for these opportunities.

No, all of our work is conducted remotely, so you can participate from anywhere in the word, subject to having a good internet connection and the flexibility to be able to interact and meet with our team remotely using online platforms such as Rocket Chat and Zoom.

Sequentus - fitness to practise lawyers

We’re registered in England under number 14201467 as a company limited by guarantee and not-for-profit.

We do not undertake reserved legal work as set out in s.12 Legal Services Act 2007.

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