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Our SQE preparation programme is designed by students and practitioners who have taken the SQE, LPC and Bar course assessments and understand the challenges of gaining core legal knowledge whilst working and juggling other commitments. Our collaborative approach and innovative use of technology means that we can deliver focussed learning, help you pass the SQE 1 exams as well as undertake meaningful Qualifying Work Experience as a springboard for your future career as a solicitor.

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start dates

January 2024
April 2024


£2550 per student
/ 18 months membership

We teach you the core SRA syllabus, providing you with exactly the knowledge that you need in order to pass the FLK 1 and FLK 2 elements of SQE 1.

We deliver our training through online written materials, flowcharts and podcasts as well as live online seminars every week, all of which are continuously updated to ensure maximum relevance to the SRA syllabus and assessment criteria.

Our programme is completely online, so you can participate in both knowledge and skills sessions from anywhere in the world. The same for our QWE opportunities which help you to develop SQE 2 skills. Meetings and seminars are timetabled to meet the needs of students in both Europe and Asia. We also offer  intensive study camps in France.

If you are unsure of what the SQE involves or the requirements of the SRA then you can access a comprehensive suite of information on the SRA website

Course Content

  • Legal system of England and Wales
  • Constitutional and administrative law including EU law
  • Contract
  • Tort
  • Land law
  • Ethics and professional conduct
  • Legal services
  • Solicitors accounts
  • Criminal law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Business law
  • Wills and estates
  • Property transactions


  • Oral advocacy skills
  • Written skills and drafting
  • Legal research

Qualifying work experience

As part of your 18 month participation on the programme you will be provide with opportunities to gain at least six months of Qualifying Work Experience by working on real cases and helping us to provide advice and representation to the clients who need it most and might otherwise be denied access to justice.

We help you to develop a range of key skills from preparing for hearings and oral advocacy, to client care, legal research and drafting detailed legal advice by using practical examples from the cases you are working on, all mapped against the SRA’s Solicitor Competency framework.

QWE is undertaken as part of a casework team supervised and signed off by a qualified solicitor. It covers cases such as fitness to practice and regulatory; criminal appeals; housing and family cases; contract and negligence claims; employment and discrimination claims plus any of the other diverse types of cases coming through our busy local clinics.


If you already have an LLB or a have completed the GDL then we also offer a 10-week intensive training course with six hours per-day in person teaching which takes place in France from June to September. The price is £5950* per person including accommodation, covering the same content and with QWE opportunities beyond these periods. For more information email Ben Bardell:

*early-booking discounts are available

Why we
are different

start dates

January 2024
April 2024


£2550 per student
/ 18 months membership

Sequentus is a team of lawyers and aspiring lawyers with a shared goal: helping people find alternative routes into legal practice. We believe that aspiring lawyers can gain vital experience and skills whilst providing invaluable assistance to clients. We also recognise that not everyone can quit their day job or caring responsibilities whilst re-training. The flexibility of our programme reflects that.

Having been through the process ourselves we understand the difficulties of making the learning process as efficient as possible and that each learner has different needs. 

We also offer the possibility of paid work placements, upon successful completion of your first six months of QWE, so that candidates can start to recoup some of their training costs, or be in a position to focus on getting more legal experience.

Our programme is designed for self-motivated individuals who are looking for a non-traditional way of qualifying as a solicitor. A commitment to gaining skills and experience are the only pre-requisites.

Oh…and as you’ll find out, we have an unparalleled approach to mental health and work-life balance.


We would suggest that you spend between 15 and 20 hours per week working through the learning materials, attending the live online sessions and practising multiple choice questions. Any QWE you undertake would be on top of that.

To qualify as a solicitor on the SQE stream you need to complete the equivalent of two years full time relevant work experience. If you already have this or don’t have time to do all of the experience with Sequentus then this is not a problem… you can participate as much or as little as you choose, but will still need to achieve the two years before being enrolled.

We run at least two live seminars per week, working through the content of the modules you are currently studying. We also run monthly skills sessions which are aligned with the SQE 2 requirements. You will also be in touch with the Sequentus team on an almost daily basis to discuss cases and progress.

No, you need to pay the course fee from the outset but there is the possibility of paying by credit card.

Yes. All of our pgroamme including the QWE is completed remotely, so you can participate from wherever you are. We timetable our live online sessions to ensure maximum flexibility for those based in different time zones.

You can apply to the SRA to have your degree qualification from outside the UK recognised. We do not get involved in this process. You are however able to join our programme regardless of where you earned your degree or other Level 6 qualification.

To retain access to the learning materials, live sessions and QWE opportunities you pay £550 an additional six month membership. You can keep on renewing until you pass the SQE or gain sufficient QWE.

At any one time you will be studying a maximum of three modules from the SRA’s FLK syllabus. Timetables will depend on the number of students studying a module at any one time and we take into account individual availability when scheduling live sessions.

We do have fully-funded scholarship places available for start dates in January each year. Scholarships are are means tested, depending on your household income. For more details email:
brendan [at] sequentus.org

Yes. However you will need to manage your own study timetable and may need to participate in live sessions before work or during your lunch break. Depending on your other commitments you may not be able to complete the course or QWE within 18 months, so will need to plan accordingly.

Next steps

Signing up to our programme is straightforward. Use the button above, or if you have specific question or would like to arrange an initial call to discuss your career aspirations then email Ellie Reynolds: ellie@sequentus.org